A Day In The Life: Green Mountain College-GMC Photography-Matthias Baudinet

“A Day In The Life” is an online photography blog that was created by a class here at Green Mountain College (Art 3062 01: Digital Photography). The webpage contains many different pictures of GMC. They range widely from pictures of students/faculty to pictures of food in chartwells. I think that the pictures effectively portray Green Mountain. There are some pictures on the page that might not seem important or interesting, but these pictures show every part of the college. 

The pictures remind of why I love Green Mountain so much. They are so beautiful and genuine that it just makes you feel good to be a Green Mountain College student. The pictures capture the warmth, happiness, and friendliest that Green Mountain truly does have. It shows as well the involvement that classes have at our school. Learning does not just take place by reading a book. It takes place by doing activities with your classmates, working together, in groups in order to create something amazing. This is what I believe learning should truly be. 

Here are some of the pictures on the webpage:

These are just some of the many pictures on the site. These four pictures all are representative of something here on campus. The fries show a food that is offered at chartwells, the second picture shows one of GMC’s admissions counselors, who seems to be stressed out with all the paper work on her desk, and hungry by the looks of that peanut butter jar. The third picture shows that artistic talent that Green Mountain has to offer. We offer many art classes here, and ceramics is one of them. The farm, being a gigantic part of our campus, is very important to green Mountain students. All of the animals are treated very well, and the animals shown on that last photo just goes to show the uniqueness that Green Mountain has compared to other schools. 

With the weather getting better and better, I hope that more pictures will be put up the website because spring in Vermont is so pretty, and the campus will be more beautiful that it ever was all this year. The blooming flowers, clear sunny skies, the smiles upon everyone’s faces will make the web page even better than it is now. 

I have showed all my friends this blog by the photography class and everyone is pleased with it. Pictures are just more interesting than words sometimes. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying I think remains true today and always will. Pictures can show you what words cannot simply describe sometimes. 

Here is the link to the blog if you would like to check it out!


Matthias Baudinet


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