Game of Thrones- Matthias Baudinet

I have never been a big fan of tv series, but once in while, there is one that comes along and captures my heart. I have watched the Tudors, and the Borgias, and now I amv watching a series called Game of Thrones. This series is a medieval fantasy story based on award-winning books by George R.R. Martin. 

The series has a cast that includes Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Peter Dinklage. The story is set in the fictional land called Westeros. In this land, there are 5 major noble houses who rule over respective lands. The House Stark are the lords of the north, once a separate kingdom, it is now part one kingdom ruled by the House Baratheon. There is also the Lannister house, the Arryn House and then the House of Targaryen. 

Much tension and rivalry is presnt amongst the house. The Starks are bitter rivals with the Lannisters, and are friends with the Baratheon. The House of Arryn are also enemies of the Lannisters, and the Targaryens are considered enemies to all the other houses. Sean Bean plays Eddard Stark, the patriarch of the House Stark. The Targaryens used to rule over the kingdom, but a rebellion led by Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon, the current king, overthrew the former royal family and had them all killed, except for a daughter and son who escaped to a land across the sea. 

The Lannisters are known to be extremely rich and prideful. They keep their blood pure by committing incest. Cersei Lannister is in the love with her brother, Jamie Lannister in secret, but she is married to the King, Robert Baratheon, and her plan is have her and her brother’s son to take the throne away from the House Baratheon. Eddard Stark finds this out, but cannot provide enough evidence to prove that Cersei and her brother are conspiring against the king. 

War is about to explode among the houses, the creatures of the North (a place beyond a great ice wall that serves as a border between the wilderness and the kingdom) have awoken again, the last time they were awoken was a thousand years ago and when they woke up the last time, thousands died and towns and cities burned. Also, the exiled son and daughter of the Targaryen house are planning an invasion from across the sea with a barbarian horde. 

Here is the trailer of the series:

The series are suspenseful, thrilling, adventurous, dark, twisted, and epic. Season one is already completed and season two is currently being featured on HBO. The series is commonly described as the Lord of the Rings, but a darker version of it. 

It has won many awards in the emmys, mtv awards, scream awards, and gloden globe awards. It has also had much success internationally especially in France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The show is not only entertaining, but the characters exhibit honor, courage, duty, respect, chivalry, and family. Of course, there is also violence, war, brutality, and betrayal. 

I watched some episodes with prospective students this weekend and they loved it as well. Some of my friends were hosts and the prospectives seemed very pleased with their weekend. 

The series is one-of-a-kind. There is really nothing like it. I hope you take the time to look it up and check out some episodes. You will not be disappointed.

Here is the award-winning introduction to the show:

Here is also a picture of Eddard Stark, the main character in the first season.

Matthias Baudinet


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