Softball and lacrosse at GMC- Matthias Baudinet

Besides tennis, two other spring sports that are going one at the same time are softball and ladies and gentlemens lacrosse. These are two sports that I have never before witnessed, seen, or played. I first saw my first games of softball and lacrosse in March and I must say that they are both games that I am very interested in and captivated by. They are very fun to watch in my opinion. Plus, I try to go as many sport games in order to support our teams. 

I am friends with many players on all three of these teams. The players on these teams really are perfect and great representations of the GMC student. They are good students in terms of academics, they are kind, friendly, and open-minded. They are dedicated to their sport, and they are respectful. 

I grew up watching soccer, rugby, tennis, swimming, and race-car driving, and so watching these games makes me feel like I am in a whole new world. These foreign games are someone seeing the eiffel tower for the first time. I am more interested in softball than lacrosse. But nonetheless, both sports make me feel like I am watching a newly created sport. 

Many critique ours sports here, but those who do not play sports cannot see the chemistry, effort, and motivation that our teams have. Integrity is at the heart of all our teams. And, we still have many supporters who continually come and cheer us on. The softball and lacrosse teams might not have much success, but the players are happy to play their sports, and they care about their schools. 

Above are pictures of a mens lacrosse game (Luke Carey) and a picture of a softball (Casey McGill). They are both two good friends of mine who really embody what the Green Mountain student-athlete represents. They are a great ambassadors to the school. 

Sports at Green Mountain College are enjoyable to watch. Its great to see your friends play the sport they love, and its even better to be able to cheer on your friends. 

        The Lovely ladies of the GMC softball team


                Start of a mens lacrosse game

                    Casey McGill up to bat


The match programs for future games are available online on the GMC athletics page. Please visit it and come and support the eagles to victories!


Matthias Baudinet


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