A Day in the Life — Alexandra Hilliard

Have you seen http://adayatgreenmtn.wordpress.com/#wpcom-carousel-79? If you haven’t, you should check it out!

For just one day, a photography class on campus did what they normally did, and took pictures. This day includes students, faculty, and staff at work and at play. They’re playing softball, getting ready for basketball, making arts, acting in plays, performing in bands, listening to awesome music, doing homework, eating lunch, working hard, having fun with their children, and all sorts of stuff. That’s the really awesome thing about Green Mountain College… at any given time, there are tons of things going on around campus. In between and after classes students, professors, staff, and administration are all doing what they normally do, whether it be extracurriculars, work, or school stuff, all while being really awesome and integrating into the campus! You can always find something cool to do. Check out the GMC bulletin and the list of weekly events to see how you can get involved and get into something fun in your free time!


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