All That We Love Deeply Becomes a Part of us…By Haley Tripoli

Green Mountain College digital photography students help document daily life in the bubble through a class project aimed at better displaying what really goes on at GMC, (hopefully reaching the broader community). In the form of a blog, photos taken throughout the day will be uploaded. The different depictions of campus life involve sports, dining, classes, club activities, and familiar faces. Glimpses inside labs, hangout spots, the cafeteria, and so own, are available.  This is so exciting to actually see, since when I was a perspective student,(last academic year), limited photos were available for viewing! The school attracts a good amount of international students (their could always be more in my opinion!), so the blog using pictures to speak has interminable value for people not able to make the visit before committing.

The page, in general, depicts the down to earth, friendly, and lively-yet-laid-back aura that one might experience while strolling through GMC during any given day. The photography work from students taking Art 3062 01: Digital Photography– Spring 2012, is just another example that can be added to a long list of other examples where interconnectedness between the community and material of study is practiced at GMC. I encourage all to check out the A Day in the Life photo blog. Support!

If you’re planning to attend GMC in the fall, or are just genuinely interested in what life is like on GMC territory…visit


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