Perspectives Part 1- Kat Kehrt

I have a perspective student coming tomorrow afternoon. I’m pretty pumped! I never came to GMC after I got accepted to spend a weekend here, and I sort of wish I did. My freshman year I had a perspective student come and we had a good time, I showed her around and we ended up sleeping in the Gorge (which is another story for another time). She came to GMC and is actually a friend of mine now. I love the idea of having students come to GMC to sample what college life is really like. I love sharing stories of how my college life played out and specific events that happened over the last four years. I love showing them around campus, recalling events that have happened in certian places and sharing secrets about the school itself.

Being able to come to a college for a night is a huge benefit to picking your perfect school. I always like to think that because my perspective from freshman year ended up coming to GMC, it had something to do with me. I highly doubt that I am the sole reason she ended up choosing GMC, but I’m sure it did not hurt her decision.

I am really looking forward to showing my perspective, tomorrow, all the ins and outs of this school and explaining different parts of. She is coming to a class with me and then going to lacrosse practice. She is actually a recruit for lacrosse and I’m eager to show her how awesome our team is.

I will blog about my time with her after!


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