Swag, The Global Kind…By Haley Tripoli

It isn’t at all uncommon for there to be a Potluck on or around campus. I’m not sure if its because GMC students love to eat, and create, and share…or if its just the most effective way to organize a gathering involving food, (I’m thinking all of the above). But, nevertheless, Sunday, April 15th International Awareness Club hosted a Global Gala of which cuisine from different geographic/cultural location was on the menu. Students from all different friend groups trickled in to enjoy the deliciousness. Music from different countries was played and perspective students got a little taste of what is to be expected every so often while studying at GMC. My personal favorite dishes had to have been the Jerk Chicken (Jamaican), and yummy Chicken Curry. Although, everything shared was wonderfully satisfying. Students went up for seconds and during the final minutes of gathering danced the Cotton Eyed Joe, Duggie, Cha Cha Slide, and Cupid Shuffle to work off some energy:)

In the corner of The Gorge was a world map with markers to mark where in the world you have ethnic, social heritage. There were markings all over, from Africa to South America, all the way across to Asia. How beautiful to attend such an event, and to experience the taste of global cuisine. I had the world on my plate, (not even close!).

I hope the high school student that I hosted tonight, Rebecca, had a great time and will keep GMC at the top of her list for fall 2012.

Disclaimer: Potluck, a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish.



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