Dimensions of Nature-Matthias Baudinet

This semester, I am taking an ELA core class, Dimensions of Nature. I am taking the class with Vance Jackson. He is a great professor. Usually, I find ela courses not very interesting, but this class is very different from some of the other ela classes. The class studies the history of science from Aristotle to some early modern scientists. 

The class size is small like many of the other classes here at GMC. The class is usually very lively and some great discussions about many different subjects and issues. We don’t only discuss and debate about things that have is directly related to the material, but also modern day issues like religion and politics, and environmental policies today. It is a great class to be a part of. 

There are only two freshman in the class and I am one of them. Its good to be in a class where I can learn from older GMC students and see how they approach learning in the class room. Having many of them as friends is also a lot of help.

Learning about ancient thinking is to me, very interesting. The works of Aristotle and Plato are very helpful in seeing the scientific way of thinking as developed throughout the centuries. We then studied the works of Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes, Bacon, and Newton. To me, this was the most captivating part of the class. These great thinkers of the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Revolutionary period were some of the smartest men alive and laid the foundations for many of scientific evidence that we have now

So, if you think taking an ELA core class will be boring, this one will not be. To me at least. If you don’t like history or philosophy, then yes, this class wil not be too much fun. But still, the class will provide you with much needed knowledge.

Matthias Baudinet


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