Last Game- Kat Kehrt

Today was our last game for lacrosse. It was really bittersweet. For me, it was my last game for my college lacrosse career. Although we lost, it was definitely one of our better games.  We played as a team and transitioned to both sides of the field well. We played an extremely strong first half, but U Maine Farmington came back strong in the second half and just bested us.

It was weird when we finished. We had lost, so there was a feeling of defeat but a form of unity as a team. I love my teammates so much and have formed some really strong friendships because of lacrosse. I joined lacrosse my sophmore year because my roommate at the time convinced me. I knew nothing about it, and just joined to get exercise. Little did I know, I would soon become obsessed with it. I love the sport so much. I love the team aspect, the competition aspect and everything in between. It has been a very interesting ride. Before joing lacrosse, the only sport I had played was XC and Track. I ran 12 seasons in high school, which left me sort of incapable of catching and throwing and running in more than one direction. The moment I stepped out on to the field that first game, I freaked out. Everyone was running in different directions! And there was a ball involved! I had no idea what to do! But over the next few years, I saw myself improve greatly. It has been really interesting to watch myself. When I started, I knew nothing about the sport and now I know a fair amount.

Those girls, and the guys team as well, have been some of my best friends and I know that I will keep incontact with most of them after I graduated. We are a family.


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