Spring Concert-Matthias Baudinet

Spring Concert yesterday was a blast. First of all, many people put a lot of effort into getting everything ready and so I think that all these people should get a hand because the set up was incredible! All the people that helped put a lot of effort into preparing the event.

The events that were set up throughout the day went exceptionally well and lots of people showed up. For the main event, Reel Big Fish, many people came to celebrate during these stressful times. As academic work is starting to pile up, I thought that it was good for this concert to take place. Many students were able to blow off steam and finally have some relaxation time.

I know to me, it was a great help to have this concert. Though of course, all my homework got pushed for Sunday, it was worth it. I had so much fun. My friends, who are some of the most amazing, kind, and fun people in the world made my night one that I will never forget. The people at Green Mountain… you really would not find them anywhere else. 

First, we enjoyed the music at the concert in the athletic gym, which was great fun. I had never heard of the bands before, but they were not bad. Especially, Reel Big Fish, they are really talented. They were very entertaining as well. 

Ended the night dancing away with my friends at the dance party. The DJ, which is also a friend of mine, Daniel Kimatarle, provided great music which made for a great environment. Though there wasn’t many people at the dance party, it was still a fun time. I then went to a friend’s house off campus and just hung out there for about an hour before going back to my room and then to bed.

I think that there should be a similar event in the fall semester. This event allows students to have fun during a very overwhelming period of the semester. If we had a type of event like this in the fall, then it would make both semesters a lot better, more fun, and easier for students to handle. Plus, the fall semester is just as stressful as the spring semester.

The amount of fun that I saw going one, the smiles around campus, and the excitement that was in the air yesterday made it one of the best days that I have had at Green Mountain.

Matthias Baudinet


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