I will miss…..-By Kat Kehrt

It’s the last full week of school. I can’t believe it. Finals are upon us and next Wednesday is the last day of class. This is my last full week of school. For awhile atleast..

I will miss the river. How many other schools have a river right in their backyard?
I will miss Moses Lawn. Laying out there on warm afternoons, reading, hanging out with friends, napping or engaging in a game of whiffleball.
I will miss the winters. Piles of snow on either side of you as you headed to class.
I will miss watching the seasons change from late summer, to autumn, to fall, to winter, to mud season, and to spring. I always got really excited to watch the leaves change outside my window.
I will miss the farm. Being able to go hang out on a farm on your school’s propoerty is not very common with most schools.
I will miss Bill and Lou, the two giant, loveable oxen.
I will miss going to meals and socializing with my friends.
I will miss being engaged with activities on campus. It’s so easy to become involved on this campus!
I will miss choosing classes and going to class. I took some of the best courses of my school career here. If there isn’t a class offered that you want, create it!
I will miss playing lacrosse and being part of a team.
I will miss all the professors that I had the honor of taking classes with. Some of them taught me things I will never forget.
I will miss the friends I have made along the way. I met some of my best friends at GMC.
And lastly, I will miss GMC.

Thanks for the best four years. I will miss you.


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