So Little Time….By: Forrest Teutsch

Well this is the last full week of classes right now and then it’s finals already. Shocking just how quickly the whole semester went by! I remember the end of winter break like it was only last week and now all of the sudden the semester is nearly over and it’s time to cram for these last few finals. For all those non-seniors in college remember these tips for your finals whether they be for high school or college.

Get time away/alone. Take a few minutes to take a walk off campus, treat yourself to a coffee at Perry’s, or find some other place that you can get yourself out of the finals-week environment, if even just for a few minutes.

Spend 5 minutes not doing anything. Take a few minutes to turn off all of your technology and sit and relax, meditate, if you can. Those minutes can calm you and help refocus and recharge yourself.

Spend 30 minutes doing something purely for fun. Watch YouTube, play a video game with friends, or Skype with a friend from high school. Just do something that you enjoy to get your mind off of the chaos of school.

Attend a sporting event. Leave your books in your room and really let yourself relax and enjoy, knowing that the time spent away will help your studying later. The lacrosse seaons are coming to an end with a home game left for the men’s team so come watch them in their last game!

Hope these tips work, enjoy and good luck to all.


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