Stress- Matthias Baudinet

These past two weeks have extremely stressful for me. Talking to my friends and their friends, I would say that it is pretty much the same for many students here at GMC. Work is just pilling up from every corner. For some weird reason, professors have decided to pile the most work on students the last weeks of school. If you walk around campus, you can see some of these tired faces everywhere. 

I finished two papers last week each of them 10 pages each, and this week, I have two more 10 page essays due, with a 22 page essay edit due on the 30th of April. Plus, the following week is finals week. So even after I finish all these papers and other homework, I have final exams to keep me from being bored. It is really tough.

I am only taking 15 credits, but I am taking three 3000 level classes, maybe that was not the smartest thing to do as a first year, but then challenges only make you stronger. However, I have never felt this stressed out in my life. The intensity of this work is absolutely incredible. Plus, I have work study and soccer practices. Not only that, but I have to handle business related to modeling and vineyards. My workload is insane.

Tomorrow, I have two presentations that are due. One for Dimensions and the other for Spanish. I have yet to start these presentations, but I am planning to start and finish both of these presentations soon and by tonight.

I have heard from my older friends that college would be difficult, and I had not yet experienced this until this semester. Last semester was a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. I had a lot more free time, less homework, and in general, I was a lot less stressed. 

So, with this week and the next probably being and will be stressful, I wish everyone on campus the best of luck on their work and their upcoming exams. I know it is hard, but we can all do it. 

Matthias Baudinet


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