Music at Green Mountain College-Matthias Baudinet

Green Mountain College is a very diverse college for its size. Less than 800 students that come from many different US states and many different nations. With that diversity comes a diversity in music. GMC students bring their culture with them, and so, they bring along their music as well. Coming from Europe, I brought a lot of European music with me, mostly French and Italian.

When I first came to Green Mountain I heard music that I had never before heard in my life. Music strange to my hears, at at first, unpleasant. I however managed to develope somewhat of a tolerance for it.

I have always been a fan of American R and B and slow hip hop music. Artists like Ne-Yo, Kevin Lyttle, Chris Brown, Treyz Song, Mario, and Sean Kingston. These artists and that style of music are what I listen to.

Here is one of my favorite songs.

Though there are few people here  who would share this taste. I think that its important that this type of music gets its representation at Green Mountain.

Here is another one of my favorites. I have seen many of the artists listed above live.

Matthias Baudinet



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