A quick recap of Spring 2012 through pictures (part 1) by Lan Tran

Hello!!! I’m Lan Tran, the newest addition to the Social Network team at Green Mountain College (GMC). I am an international student from Saigon, Vietnam. I will be a junior next year. At GMC, I study Psychology, and actively get involved with the Shakti Tribal Dance, Psychology Club and Anthropology Club. Feel free to ask me any questions about GMC. 

This summer, I will be blogging from the “concrete jungle” – New York City while doing a research internship in the Social Perception and Motivation lab at New York University. I will tell you later about the amazing Psychology program at GMC and how I get this internship. Let’s just start with a quick recap of my Spring 2012. All pictures were taken by my phone. 

The beautiful tree behind Moses. This building is home to 80 residents, the Department of Adventure Education & Youth/Camp Development, the student-run Coffee house, and the Psychology lab. 

One of many fund-raising events of Shakti Tribal Dance for the Rutland Women’s Shelter. I have been in the club and done performances since freshman year. We seek to express the beauty, the love and power of Divine Feminine through dance. Check out the club in Facebook

During the fund-raising event (picture above), Kristin Kelly, one of my friends, who then did an internship with the Rutland Women’s Shelter, brought many jeans to the event so attendees could write encouraging messages to the women at the shelter. I wrote: “Be strong”. 

Out-door picnic celebrating the “Carry your bag” week. Students were encouraged to carry a bag of recyclable items throughout campus in order to raise awareness for sustainability. 

Stretching after classes!!! Students practiced yoga in the lawn in front of Moses.

“Day of Silence”, organized by GMC students, to honor and support the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Trangender) community, who has dealt with abuse and unfair treatment around the world. 

The awesome cupcake in the dance party organized by PRIDE, a student-run activist group at GMC fighting for gender equality. The rainbow flag has been regarded as the symbol of the LGBT movement. 

The Honor’s Floor did a bake goods and delivery services to support Matthew DiMasi, a member in our floor, who is now fighting against cancer. His treatment is going really well, and he hopes to come back to GMC in the Spring 2013! While at school, Mat is a Sociology major. He plays soccer and Quidditch (The Welsh Green Dragons). Come back Mat, we miss you!!!

My friend, Lauren, after the photo shoot with the Shakti Tribal Dance! Look at the dragon in her hair. Our instructor, also Philosophy professor, Susanne Claxton has always encouraged us to create our own style of dance outfits. Lauren took the dragon (from something else) and made it a hair accessory! Awesow job, Lauren!!! 

Reel Big Fish during Spring concert! We enjoyed their music a lot! The band combined guitars and drums with trumpets to make such an unique sound. 

Chilling in the Psychology lab! Just kidding, I was running participation sessions for the “Lemonheads Study”. This is an on-going, long-term research project conducted by Professor Jen Sellers.


How is your Spring? Comment and let me know!

7 thoughts on “A quick recap of Spring 2012 through pictures (part 1) by Lan Tran

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