Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and also to our beloved Leanne and Kat – by Lan Tran

Today, May 12th, 2012, more than a hundred bright ladies and gentlemen of the Class of 2012 are officially graduated from Green Mountain College. This is the biggest graduating class in the history of our college, which also marks the 4th year of Dr. Paul Fonteyn’s presidency, as he spoke in his remark: “Four years ago, we started together”. Huge congratulations to the class of 2012 and best of wishes to whatever you plan on doing! Don’t forget to check out the Green Mountain College Alumni Community, and keep in touch with us here at GMC and your friends! 


Also, I would like to extend my congratulations to the two graduating seniors in the Social Networking Team: Leanne Kopec and Kat Kehrt! They are truly wonderful ladies who are very passionate about what they learn and how they can use their knowledge to make differences in our lives.
Leanne Kopec (Profile Her posts)

Leanne majored in Environmental Studies and Policy and minored in Psychology. I had the pleasure to work with Leanne last year when she served as the Secretary of the Psychology Club. She contributed greatly to the success of the Psychology club’s major event “Pleading insanity in court”, which we invited faculties and students to join us in a panel discussion. Leanne invited Professor Sam Edwards, Director of the Pre-law program, who approached this topic from the law perspective. Leanne was very diligent in her work, which made us think that things never went wrong in her hands. 


Kat Kehrt (Profile | Her posts)

Kat majored in Anthropology/Sociology. She didn’t wait until graduation to make a difference; she started making differences when she was still at GMC. Lately, Kat has founded The Deepak Foundation, a non-governmental organization that aims to “to provide education and equal opportunities to children in developing countries regardless of their intellectual or developmental ability”. The journey started when she took a year off before college and volunteered in Nepal. She met Deepak, a two year old boy who then had no visions and opportunities to grow. Since then and until now, for more than 4 years, Kat has worked really hard to support Deepak. After GMC, Kat will focus her strengths on making positive changes in more children’s lives in Nepal. Make sure to check out her organization website (click here) and support her in this exciting and challenging endeavor.


Kat with Deepak


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