This Green Place – by Kelsey Eaton

This post is written by Kelsey Eaton, Class of 2012. At GMC, she majored in Communications, founded and served as the President of the “The Spirituality Floor” and the Art Director of “Mountaineer“, the student-run magazine at GMC. Besides school work, Kelsea also did many performances with the Shakti Tribal Belly Dance, and used her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to start “Eudaimonia Bellydance“, a business that offers custom-made high quality bellydance costumes. Kelsea is also a freelance photographer. Read more about Kelsea here.

I first read this post in her personal blog “thelovemonster”, and I think it beautifully describes the spirits and stories that each of us has gone through at GMC. I hope we will all embrace our experiences here, at our home, because soon … everything will become just memories.

-Lan Tran



This Green Place

By Kelsey Eaton

March 2012

I guess before I start the copious amounts of homework that I have due tomorrow, I might as well make a little blog post. There’s a ton of stuff happening in my life but I’m not sure what is even worthy of talking about. I guess, first of all, there is a month and a half until I graduate college. Thinking about that last semester and in the beginning of this semester wasn’t so hard, but right now… it’s just crazy. My cap and gown order form is due tomorrow, and I’m already dreaming up plans for a graduation party. I’m applying for jobs and dreaming of all of the different places I could go and the people I could meet. It’s actually reallly, really exciting.

It is obviously very sad thinking about leaving Green Mountain. I mean, this place has been the closest thing to “home” that I have ever had. Green Mountain is home to me. My family is here. I know that’s weird to say, but the relationships I have formed here are so special that I can’t even imagine myself without them. The people I’ve met here have been some of the most kind, interesting, and wonderful people I could have ever wished to meet.  It’s not even just my close friends that are so important. It’s the people I walk by on the way to the dining hall, the people I have shared drunken late night cigarettes with, the people who I only see in the library. Every one of these people make up the intricate, and intimate, puzzle that is my life at Green Mountain College. I wish I could go back and re-experience some of the random encounters that I’ve had here that I know will never happen again. And not only will the experience never happen again, but nothing even close to being like it. That’s what’s so special about this place– it’s fleeting. It’s impermanent.  We’re all going to leave eventually. Whether you’re a super, super senior or you leave after just a semester: you’re a part of the puzzle. Someone has noticed you. Really. Coming to GMC is so special because you are guaranteed intimacy.

One of my family members told me that she hasn’t made any real friends at college. Not one. This is the opposite of my college experience. I trust, care for, and genuinely love so many people here. The GMC bond is always there. You are all my friends and you always will be. If you’ve ever been in the city or at a concert and seen another GMC kid, you know what I’m talking about. We’re connected. 🙂

I hope that if anything, the impression I leave on this school, or the people I’ve met at this school, is a passionate one. I feel a lot. Happiness, envy, lust, empathy; I have been here and I have loved. I’ve loved you all. Because you’re a part of my story, a part of my home, and a part of my family. You’re everything!

Just tonight, a group of some of my closest friends sat around a warm, dimly lit room and drank a combination of cheap wine and expensive, local beer.  We sat and we talked and we laughed. We learned so much about each other, from our family pets and family secrets; all it took was one night. One night away from facebook, words with friends, or texting…

That is what college is about, to me at least. The connection. The bond. We all come from completely different places and we’ve all had totally different experiences, but we’ve all come together to create what is known as this green place. What this place means to each of us may differ, but one thing will always remain the same…

You’re a part of the puzzle and you’re a part of the whole. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Make eye contact to those you pass, kiss whom ever you wish, and hold on tightly to the ones you love. Green Mountain is fleeting. Because one day you’re an eager freshman packing your things into Bogue, and the next moment…

You’re gone.

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