Need Summer Jobs That Matter?…By: Forrest Teutsch

I’m going to assume that if you are reading this then you will be attending Green Mountain College, am I right? Even if you’re not, keep reading. Well, under that assumption I will also assume that it really couldn’t hurt you to have a job. You could go out and take the classic retail job making minimum wage and grinding out the day doing mindless work, or you could work in an enviroment that encompasses what you love and will make an impact in the world today…and also your resume.

What I am talking about is JobsForAGoodCause. This is a job provided by the Fund for the Public Interest and they appear across the country sometimes under different names. In Massachusetts you can find them through MASSPIRG and it varies by state. At the Fund for the Public Interest, they have been organizing campaigns to protect the environment and stand up for the public interest for more than 25 years. You can work with them and gain valuable skills mobilizing and building citizen support, activating the media around critical issues and running petition drives for important campaigns. These jobs typically have you canvass areas of cities collecting donations for the current cause that may be reducing greenhouse gas emmisions, installing solar, or many other topics.

If you are attending Green Mountain College this is the perfect job for you! Essentially these go hand in hand as they are both extremely focused on sustainability and environmental protection. This job would look great on your resume for when you are applying for internships or other jobs and you will learn material that will most certainly be covered at Green Mountain as well. Today the job market is about connections and this job will give you connections in areas that are well suited for the typical Green Mountain student.


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One thought on “Need Summer Jobs That Matter?…By: Forrest Teutsch

  1. Working in public interest jobs can definitely be beneficial for your resume. However, having a variety of work experience, especially long-term work experience, is best. This shows that you can hold a job and do work as you are asked to do. Listing the responsibilities the you were given and what you accomplished for the company or organization will also look very good to employers. Presenting yourself to a potential employer is your opportunity to show a company or organization what value you can bring. One of the ways you show this value is through your resume.


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