Day 2 at the Stanford Undergrad Psych Conference: It’s show time! – by Lan Tran


Day 2 was the Presentation day!!! I got chosen to be an oral presenter, so I had an opportunity to talk about my research and answer questions in strictly 17 minutes. The audience wasn’t big because there were four sessions running simultaneously and also I actually knew no one here. Luckily enough, I made three new friends during lunch and they all came to support me!

These new friends were all seniors, one would do a master in Social Work, one would do a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) and one would take a year off. Hearing about their stories really inspired me to plan ahead. I actually have talked with my advisor, Professor Jen Sellers about my post-graduation plans, and she helped me to find a research internship this summer. I hope this internship would give me an idea of whether or not research is the perfect fit for me.

Also, one advice for you all: Practice speaking until you are able to do a talk without a power-point. I took International Negotiations and the Environment in Fall 2011 with Professor Sam Edwards and this is the rule that he emphasized many times: PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE! You think technical issues would be rare? Wrong! My projector got turn off during my presentation in a place like Stanford, so it can happen elsewhere! I was quite shocked when that happened but I decided to continue my presentation. Fortunately, someone from the organizing team helped me turn it on later but I am still glad that I tried to handle the situation professionally then.

At the end, the audience asked many interesting questions, which really helped me to form new ideas to conduct more projects within this line of research.

Check out my presentation! Questions and suggestion would be very appreciated!


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