Meet Robert, someone plays Quidditch, speaks German and produces music – by Lan Tran

One of the great things about GMC is the people here! You will meet wonderful people, who are just not only nice but also very unique, even to the extent of extreme exotic!

Meet Robert Holloway today! He is a rising sophomore at GMC, someone who plays basketball and Quidditch, who speaks German, who raps, who sings, and who produces music. A few days ago, he introduced his new song “Wait”. The song is so addicting that I put it on repeat for the whole night! I would not be surprised if someday I would see him in music charts and I could proudly tell people that we went to GMC together!


Robert in Boston with the Welsh Green Dragon (GMC Quidditch team)

I did a quick interview with him about music and his experiences at GMC!

I started making music about 4 years ago. I take motivation from life and its experience. I usually make music with friends back in California but now I usually make music by myself. I don’t really have any goals as far as music goes. The music I make is just for fun

I have life-changing experiences at GMC. There are so many amazing people including both staff and students. I play for the school’s basketball team, and I wish to pursue it in the future. My teammates are great players, and we have formed great brotherhood that makes me feel a lot more comfortable at GMC. The professors are also very nice. They are understanding and patient with their students. I also like that the campus is small so walking to any place isn’t a hassle.

Check out more music from Robert here: The Hollow Production  


Robert with his Basketball teammate Billy before a club-organized party at GMC

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