A quick recap of Spring 2012 through pictures (part 2) by Lan Tran

Summer officially begins! I just start my research internship today! So here is part 2 of my recap of Spring 2012! πŸ™‚ Check out Part 1 here. All pictures were taken by my phone. 


My friend Leslie dressed as a zombie to attract attendants to the Zombie Dodge Ball, a fund-raising event by DREAM, a mentoring program. Students pair up with a children from Poultney Elementary School.  They organize weekly activities to help these kids with schoolwork and also help them to learn many valuable skills. 
The student-run bike shop! This project, as well as many other projects such as the Eco-rep, is made available through the Student Campus Greening Fund. Come to GMC with any ideas and we can make it come true
Beautiful trees in front of the dining hall
This semester, I work as the Psychology tutor at the Calhoun Learning Center! I love this job! I have met so many interesting students and have learned so much from them. We have around 15+ tutors who help all students (including students with disabilities) with a variety of subjects! At the end of this semester, the tutor group did a lunch potluck together! It was so much fun. 
My first water-kayaking trip with GreenMap, a program at GMC providing outdoor activities of all skill levels for free-of-charge !!! I was really nervous but my trip leaders instructed me in details and encouraged me so much! I was very exhausted after the trip but I was glad that I took the risk to challenge myself. When I come back to GMC, I will definitely go on more trips with GreenMap
My friend, Catherine, received the Psychology Achievement Award in the Honors’ Tea. She will begin her PhD program next fall at University of Houston. Cat has always been my role model. She’s beautiful, smart, and very passionate about what she does. Check out two articles about her: one in the GMC Journal, and one in this blog
Student played music outside the dining hall during final week! 
The President and other staffs served students during the Midnight Breakfast. This event occurs during the final week. Students come to the breakfast starting at 11:00PM, eat, sing and relax. 
Jurassica and Jena presented their research on clothing and identify, as part of their “Visual Anthropology” independent research project. They interviewed me, along with other 4 students, to examine how my styles of clothing has changed since I came to the U.S. Their research found that people could use their traditional clothes as a meant to assert their identity in a different culture. Also, this summer, Jurassica, Jena, and Charlotte (three members of the Anthropology Club that I am also in), along with other students, will join Professor Mark Dailey in a sponsored field research trip to China!!! How exciting!
Taking breaks from final week! GMC style! 
The Psychology Club‘s end-of-year-dinner. We are also too sad to say goodbye to Professor Alan Marwine, who is retired this year after 25 years at GMC


I hope everyone is enjoying your summer! πŸ™‚




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