Adventure Ed Jobs…By: Forrest Teutsch

The adventure education program at Green Mountain College is easily one of the most notable programs at the school and draws a great number of students to the school. I did not come to the school with the intention of majoring in adventure education, yet still during my first semester here I found myself taking the intro course to the adventure education program. The class was unlike any other I have taken in all my years of schooling but even as much as I enjoyed the class I did not forsee myself taking this class into the real world and having a job related to the course.

This summer I am now employed at Paddle Boston located at Kendall Square in Boston, MA and esentially I rent and instruct how to properly use kayaks along the Charles River. The program seems to have tremendous success with all who go through the program. There are so many seasonal jobs out there for these adventure education type of positions in demand. The best part about these positions are not just that they are nearly always in high demand during the seasonal sessions for each type of job like kayak instructor, skii rescuer, or rock climbing guide; but the best part of these jobs are that they are fun to participate in and you meet a ton of people like youself.

Right now I just love thinking about how taking that one class has gotten me into this type of job and I am already making awesome connections for other seasonal adventure education type positions. Going into this summer I had planned on getting an internship with some sort of environmental policy position but unfortunately I did not get any and so I luckily fell back onto the kayaking job thanks to my previous experience with the class and canoeing years prior.

The send home message here is that when you have a free block to add any class at GMC I strongly advise everyone take at least the intro course to adventure education because the professors are amazing and you can take away so much from just the one class. I now use both professors that I had for the adventure ed class as references because that is just how close that I feel a connection and friendship with both of these professors from just the one class. This class also opened up my connections to potential job markets and an arsenal of field experience now from both the course and the kayak job that I hold now.


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