Initial Freshman Feelings by Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

In my first week of college, I’ve found a side to myself that I hadn’t known existed. Pathetic as it may be, I’ve realized how co-dependent I am. I’ve experienced a kind of homesickness within the past week that I never knew possible. Usually, I’m very extroverted- someone who takes a new situation with full force and is ready to find the best in it. But I’ve reverted to my shyer, more childlike persona and have become an observer here. As a freshman, there have been so many new images, creatures, rules and experiences to absorb. While also focusing on the way I’ve interpreted my part, I’ve found it calming to notice the position of others. I’ve found it interesting how so many people who are the same age can vary in their readiness to experience college. While this has been the biggest life transition I’ve ever come to terms with, it’s not the same for many of my peers. No two people are alike, and although I haven’t been able to make a decision for myself in my place at GMC- that fact has become evident.


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