Beginning a new year at Green Mountain College: Matthias Baudinet

After a long, fun and eventful summer, I am back at Green Mountain. This lovely, cold, and friendly place that I call my second home is more beautiful than ever. This is my sophomore year, and though it is only my second year, it is crazy how fast time goes by! I still feel like a freshman inside! Besides that, it is so great to see so many new faces around campus. I really appreciate the fact that we have more students this year as this adds diversity, liveliness, and fun!

My classes are absolutely fantastic. They are both challenging and interesting. My professors are great. I guess the only not-so-good thing is that it is getting colder a lot quicker than last year! But that means that snow will be here a lot sooner as well, so its not so bad after all. I am so looking forward to snowball fights, cold weather clothing, and of course just the simple marvel of a beautiful white morning in Poultney. 

I have also heard from many freshman that the workload is sometimes insane. To that I say, yes it is, but it is no need to stress over. The learning center in the library offers loads of help from time management workshops, and tutoring in many different subjects/classes. I strongly encourage all to go there!

Have a good year everyone! đŸ™‚

Matthias Baudinet


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