Family and Friends Weekend by Krista Shugart


This past weekend (September 28-30) was family and friends weekend at Green Mountain College. My mom came up to visit me and we had a great weekend together while enjoying many of the activities that Green Mountain had planned for family and friends! On Friday night (before my mom came) I went to the Art Gala from 6-8 in Surdam Hall. On display were painting, ceramics, and photography that students had created. The artwork and photography showed really showed the artistic talent that is here at GMC. Beautiful music filled the air as two GMC professors played an aray of musical instruments. I got to enjoy the music by dancing with my friend Sage. After the art gala, many people headed to Ackley Hall to see the choir concert. I got to see many of my friends sing, and it was really great to see a full audience. My mom arrived to GMC right after the chorus concert ended. At this time, we put her things in my room and then drove to Tinmouth (20 minutes from GMC) and went to a contra dance! It was a blast, and I would highly recommend contra dancing to anyone.


On Saturday my mom went had coffee with President Fonteyn, and many other parents. This provided a great opportunity for parents of first year students to learn more about Green Mountain, and they had an opportunity to ask the president, GMC staff members, and other parents any questions. After this she headed to Ackley Science Lab to go to “Women in Science and Research” talk where she learned about GMC’s programs in biology, chemistry, and environmental science and psychological science. (She did all of this even before I woke up). When she got back to my room at twelve, we went to brunch in the school cafeteria together and she met many of my friends. From 1-3 we (my mom, my friend Heather, and I) went to the Cerridwen Farm House to make salsa and learn how to seed save. Eleanor Tison (an anthropology and sustainable agriculture professor) put this on, and this was a popular event for families. At night, there was a Swing Dance in Withey. The band was called “Swing Noire” and they are New England’s newest gypsy jazz band! I attended the dance with my friend Emma and we had so much fun dancing all night!


There were so many fun events for family and friends to attend over the weekend. Green Mountain College is a wonderful and individualistic place to be, and having it open for family and friends to experience was great. I am so glad that my mom got to come and visit, and it was a weekend to be remembered.


Picture by Doris Zaw

(This is how it looked during family friends weekend…a bit rainy but still beautiful with the leaves changing colors!)





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