Fund Raising for American Cancer Society – [Binh]

It was a great Saturday in Green Mountain College (GMC) in many ways. It’s warm with sunshine everywhere. It’s the Open House for prospective students visiting the college, and aslo it is the annual Welsh Harvest Festival. I was so excited waking up in the morning to prepare things displayed in the academic fair with my boss. (In case you wonder why I have an employer while being a college student, I am working as an assistant in the Career Services of GMC as my work-study.) It was always fun to listen to students talking about their dreams and environmental passion. I also had many conversations with students’ parents talk about what they want and care their children’s career path after graduating from college. Some students claimed that figuring a career path before enrolling into college seems over-thinking. Indeed, it is one of the smart steps to assure that you can have a loveable job after your post-graduation from college. The Careers Services at GMC, therefore, tries to help students find what fields they are passionate and prepare for them to land a summer internship or a job after GMC.

Aw, I am going out of our topic. Let be back to my great Saturday. In the afternoon, my Sage dorm-mates and I were successful in raising $60 money for the American Cancer Society, specifically for the Breast Cancer Walk next week in Rutland, by selling caramel and candy apples. We were so surprised with what we achieved. Thirty caramel and candy apples were gone in one and a half hour. People loved our apple, and many of them just wanted to support the cancer walk. They donated money without taking any apples. We really appreciate your supports!

Well then, that’s all for now. I am going to dinner happening in the farm. It must be delicious! See you all my next blog!



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