A history class at Green Mountain College: Matthias Baudinet

I am a history major with a secondary education certificate, and I am currently enrolled in one of the most interesting history classes, and classes in general. This class is called the United States and the Vietnam War. It is a 2000 level class and it taught by Professor Thomas E. Williams, Ph.D. 

The Vietnam War was one of the defining features of American life in the last half of the 20th century. Its aftermath still lingers in the culture and politics of the United States in the early 21st century. The course examines American involvement in the conflict in Vietnam from 1945-1975. It looks at the early French colonial period, the French Indochinese War from 1946-1954, and how that affected American policy in South East Asia. 

The course focuses a lot on the various interpretations of American involvement in Vietnam and the continuing debate about the nature and purpose of that involvement. 

Central to the class is looking at Vietnam as an episode of the Cold War, and how that influenced the decision making of American presidents. 

             French Soldier during the French Indochina War.


The course texts are all books and novels that are very interesting and informative. My favorite, the Quiet American, by Graham Greene, which is now a major motion picture, is a fictional book about the French Indochina War and the prelude to US involvement in Vietnam. Reading skills are extremely important. Dr. Williams is very focused on improving reading skills in his class. Most of his teaching methods involve lectures, book discussions, and analyzing maps. 

I highly recommend this course to all students, whether you are a history major or not. It is a must-take. You will not regret it. 

                      American Helicopter War in Vietnam


“La guerre et la paix sont la même chose. C’est juste que l’un des deux consiste des armes.”


Matthias Baudinet


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