First Time Voting by Krista Shugart

This year will be my first time voting in the presidential election! This is an exciting time for many first-time voters. At Green Mountain College students from campus gathered in the coffeehouse, in the building lounges, and in friends rooms to watch all 3 debates. During the time of these debates it is important to realize that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are not the only 2 candidates running for office! Here is a list of other candidates that you may prefer!

Republican: Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan

Democratic: Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson & James P. Gary

Socialism and Liberation: Peta Lindsay & Yari Osorio

Green Party: Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala

Socialist Workers Party: James Harris & Maura DeLuca

American Third Position: Merlin Miller & Harry Bertram

Constitution Party: Virgil Goode & Jim Clymer

This is your vote so make it count! This was the first time since 1988 that climate change hasn’t been discussed in a Presidential debate. 40,000 daily heat records were broken, 8,800,000 acres have been burned by wildfire. These are all due to climate change, but one potential reason that it was not brought up in the debates is the fact that the fossil fuel industry has spent $150,000,000 on this election. (you can go to for more information!)

This is an important time for our country, and our environment. If the world doesn’t change how we are treating the environment, we may not have a world to live on sooner than we think.

Look into the candidates that you support and make sure you use your vote to fight for what YOU believe in.


Happy Voting!



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