Student Senate

Salaam to all,
Asad is back. I am senior this year and it has been really busy semester so far. I have not been able to write a single article this semester. This is my first one. I hope you like reading it. Besides the upper level classes, I am the Student Body President this year. I decided to join the soccer team to help my wonderful teammates as well. It has been an interesting semester so far. In here I will write about Student Senate. As the Student Senate President, I would like to mention that we have a great team and Senators in Student Senate. You can find name and pictures of Senators on MyGMC: 
Student Senate is working on several different projects. One of the projects is putting the flags of our international students on the wall of dinning hall. We have students from over twenty different countries and the flags of all these countries will be hanged on the wall of dinning hall. Student Senate is working to make our campus inclusive and to appreciate the diversity on campus. The flags will up soon.  
At the end I would like to mention that the Student Senate is a bridge between student body, administration, faculty, staff and community. If you have concerns, opinions or if you need money to implement a project, come to the Student Senate. Student Senate meets every Sunday at 6pm in the Student Senate Office (Withey basement). We are always here to listen to your concerns and opinions to make GMC a better place. Do not hesitate to contact me through this email:
Asadullah Sohail



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