This weekend I had the privelegde of accompanying my fellow International Awareness Club friends to Washington DC for a UNICEF conference.

With our cramped bags, and limited leg room, we roughed it all close and personal in two car for ten hours; you can imagine how enthralled we were to finally arrive at the Hostelling International, (where we would stay for the next two nights). Saturday morning bright and early we awoke to dine with travelors from all over the globe, made to introduce ourselves and before eating attempt to say “good morning” in a language other than our native one. I took the easy way out sporting a smiley, “buenos dias” before enjoying a blueberry muffin paired with orange juice.

So, continental breakfast from the hostel…AND a second wonderfully fruitful breakfast AND lunch from the conference. Lucky am I to not have to worry about where my next meal will come from.

The Business:

I was given so much information, some that I already knew, and a lot of new facts and figures pertaining to poverty, expoitation, and disease around the world.

I was given a lot.

I am given a lot.

I was born with a lot.

I MUST have a lot to give.

Did you know?

UNICEF: 171 million people COULD be lifted out of poverty if ALL students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills. This is equivalent to a 12 percent drop in the number of people living on less than $1.25 a day.

Imagine living on $1.25 a day…not just you…but your entire family. 


Education can remove poverty. Education. Education. ed-u-ca-tion. So obvious is the solution, yet so many countries oppose spending $$$$$$ on such. EDUCATION IS one of the most important factors in creating a government with sustainable economics, sustainable communities, and a day-to-day life children, people are not starved of their innate human rights.






Did you know?

It happens everyday

Here at home

In the U.S.

It is estimated that there are over 5.5 million children victims of trafficking

How have children become commodities? 

And why are women still considered commodities, to be bought and sold?

Supply & Demand:

^ demand for “cheap” goods and commercial sex –> CHILDREN at risk for becoming “supply”

$32 billion in profits annually by raping the rights of the innocent.

I was given a lot of information.

A lot.

I was given a lot.

Now I have a lot to give.

We all looked pretty fly in our large group of different colored faces from different colored places, but we unify in our hopes that the world will progress and see more human and just days. More days where 19,000 children do not die from preventable causes. Days when exploitation, malnutrition, disease, war and genocide cease to exist.


-Haley Tripoli


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