The Two Oxen: Bill and Lou!

The Two Oxen: Bill and Lou!
GMC decided to slaughter the two oxen that we have at the farm. Many people did not agree with this decision. They asked the school to stop slaughtering them because they have worked for the school for over ten years and it is unfair to slaughter them and to serve the meat to students now. I appreciate their concerns and opinions but I completely disagree with them. I support GMC’s decision. I want the school to slaughter the oxen and serve the meet to students.
GMC stands for sustainability. Slaughtering the oxen and serving the meat to students is part of it. We have raised and fed the oxen respectfully. We feed them healthy grass and hay. They had the best life. Now if we do not eat the animals that we raise with respect and feed grass and hay, do you want us to eat the meat that comes from factory farms? This semester I am honored to take communication classes with Professor Jason Schmitt and he wrote an article about Bill and Lou and Huffington post. You can find the article below:
My other great professor Philip Ackermen-Leist shares his thoughts in below article. Please do read it. Philip is a professor at Green Mountain College and author of the forthcoming book, Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, and Secure Food Systems. Here is the link for his article. Some people talk about Bill and Lou case but they even cannot say the name of Green Mountain College right. First learn about the school and the history of Bill and Lou, and then talk about them.  (  
Now those people who are really concern about animal rights, they have some work to do because they have to fight factory farms. They must fight the factory farms that have no respect for cows, pigs and chickens what so ever.
Asadullah Sohail



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