Men’s Soccer Team: Matthias Baudinet

Today marked the end of the Men’s soccer team season. After a great season with 3 wins and making it into the NAC tournament playoffs, the GMC men’s soccer program produced a season that GMC had not seen in a long time. The men’s team have been known throughout the conference for their heart, determination, respect, perseverance, and collective play. Playing the entire season with only one or two substitutes, the men still managed to produce a season to be proud of. This is extremely difficult to do in soccer, yet the men’s team managed to get and earn three wins this way. 

With newly appointed coach Josh Petty, a with the smallest roster in the conference, many were skeptical of the men’s team ability to get results. They have proved that belief to be false. Throughout the conference, the GMC men’s team have gotten the reputation to never give up and always play till the last minute no matter the score. 

With six seniors on the team this season, the men’s team will need to replace many spots on the team for next season. Having played last year, I am certainly looking forward to playing next season. I could not play because of medical reasons this year. Captains Ryan Lamon, Nate Kishbaugh, and Chris Gaskin who have all played for four years here at GMC are leaving big shoes to be filled next year. However, I have no doubt that the team next year will be even stronger and will perform an even better season than this one. Seniors Oliver Osnoss, Asadullah Sohail, and Toliver DiMasi will also graduate this coming spring. 


Junior Chukuwemeka Ugorji (Nigeria) steals the ball from a Thomas College Player.


Be ready for a great season to come next year. If you are interested in playing soccer contact head coach Josh Petty in the Waldron Athletic Building. Look for Spring post-season to start!


Matthias Baudinet



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