Lesson #4,527

Do not procrastinate & find yourself doing last minute cram work in the ICC room. I. Will. Be. Here. All. Night. Yippeeeeeeee! #Anthropology of Contemporary China readings, Women’s Studies research paper   -Haley Tripoli  

Interview with Oscar Hughes – Leader of Sexpo Event – [by Binh]

Last November 10, during the Open House, the club People are Not Their Sex (PANTS) Club brought its annual Sexpo, an event about safer sex education and exploring sexual identity and interests, to GMC Campus. This year, the club presented different workshops in the afternoon, then the main event at 7pm, and finally the speaker … More Interview with Oscar Hughes – Leader of Sexpo Event – [by Binh]

French Club

     Antoine Lucic, Salima Ban Ki Limsaa, and myself are in the process of creating a French club. This will most likely start in the spring semester. It will be open to everyone if approved for funding by Student senate, and will include learning the French language, learning about the culture of France and Francophone nations, cooking French … More French Club

Language Clubs at GMC

      Recently, Duong Vo Thai, better known as Z, conducted a language survey about languages that Green Mountain students speak, and languages that students here want to learn, or would be interested in learning. Not surprisingly, many students wish to learn languages, but very few languages courses are offered here at Green Mountain College. The … More Language Clubs at GMC