Searching for a study abroad that will change your life?


Brunnenburg is a biennial study abroad program at castle located in northern Italy for Green Mountain College students. The next trip is scheduled for the fall of 2013. The faculty member leading the group has not been selected yet; therefore, the academic focus is still unknown. Be that as it may, the family at Brunnenburg continuously offers thought provoking classes from renowned teachers; such as, Ezra Pound’s daughter. Last spring, Steve Fesmire led students through a philosophical tour of Italy and its terroir. We traveled to Venice, Florence, Rome, the Dolomites, the Vinschgau, and hiked the Italian and Swiss Alps into Switzerland to decipher the wall paintings of one of the oldest churches in Switzerland. It is a semester that changed my life as well as the 13 other students I had the honor of going with to Brunnenburg. The link listed above is a video one of my friends interning for Brunnenburg at the time made of each day for 106 incredible days.  I strongely encourage you to watch it! As you’ll see, you will get to spend lots of time in the vineyard, in the mountains, with the family, the city, and with the animals.

-Taylor Conley 


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