The History Program at Green Mountain College

I am sophomore here at Green Mountain College. I was born in France, and have lived most of my life there. Since an early age, I developed an interest history. Both my father and grandfather had done extensive studies in history, so this is how I fell in love with learning history. Being surrounded with historical sites, and locations all around me in France, it was very easy to become fascinated with the way people lived in the past and how that shaped the world we live in today. 

At a young age I used to venture about by myself in the ruins of 13th century castle in the French countryside, hold a rifle that was used in the Napoleonic wars, and explore old and abandoned German bunkers in the forest behind my grandmother’s house. This is how I came to love history, and this is why at  the age of only 10, I knew that I wanted to study history, and nothing else. 

I could never see myself studying anything else besides history. This is why when I came to Green Mountain, I immediately declared myself a history major. I also quickly followed that decision with a minor in Religious studies. Religion, and the study of religions and their histories is something that also interests me.

The history program here at GMC has a wonderful group of professors. They all have different areas of expertise so one can get a wide array of history courses ranging from ancient times to modern history. Mary Jane Maxwell, Matthew Osborn, Tom Williams, and previously, Andrew Duffin, all offered students their knowledge about history. They do a marvelous job. Not only do they know so much about what they are teaching, but they are passionate about it. They make you want to learn, and want to read. This is the power that these professors have..

 I am looking to focus my studies in French history, and in particular, French history from 1400-1815. I wish I could expand that range of years. So, if you ever think of taking a history course, I definitely recommend it. You will learn so much and you will not regret it. 

“You make your own history.”


Matthias Baudinet


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