Language Clubs at GMC

      Recently, Duong Vo Thai, better known as Z, conducted a language survey about languages that Green Mountain students speak, and languages that students here want to learn, or would be interested in learning. Not surprisingly, many students wish to learn languages, but very few languages courses are offered here at Green Mountain College. The goal is that, together, as a student body, we will change that.

      Myself, Z, Antoine Lucic, Alyssa Renner, Salima Ban Ki Limsaa, and Emeka Ugorji are starting languages clubs (Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Igbo respectively). Like them, I believe that it is important for languages to be a part of the academic curriculum here at Green Mountain. We all believe that this a huge thing that is missing here at GMC.


      With only two Spanish classes that are offered to students here, GMC needs a lot of work when it comes to offering their students languages that will help them in this global economy. The clubs that will form for sure by next semester are heavily supported by the international community here, and by numerous professors. In Z’s survey, he received 199 responses from the student body. This shows the importance of languages to students here. Spanish and French were the two top languages that most students showed interest in learning. Offering more languages courses will not only benefit current students but it will also attract many prospective students that want to learn languages in college.

       After creating the clubs, our goal to to persuade the GMC administration to create and offer language courses in two other languages besides Spanish. This will benefit everyone and will make Green Mountain a more intellectual community.




Matthias Baudinet



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