Final Oxen Message in the Works

Above is Bill (left) and Lou (right) around the end of October 2012.

About three weeks ago, I started a project that will hopefully be coming out next week.  Lisa Wilson, a senior here at the college has been working with me on this project.  Matter of fact, this was her idea and I am just helping the idea become a reality.  

The hope behind this project was to project the great messages that had been expressed in the past months regarding Bill and Lou the two oxen on our farm that our college had originally planned to slaughter.  Lisa and I began by simply standing outside the dinning hall and asking random people if they would like to be interviewed or have a message in mind they wanted to share.  A few days later we met various people for more interviews around campus.  

The video is nearly complete with an estimated length of 15 minutes.  We are hoping to show the video to the campus next week to receive feedback.  Those within the GMC community are invited.  Once completed, the video will be featured here as well as several other locations on the web.  We are thinking of titling it “Bill and Lou: The Aftermath.”  If you have a better idea for a title please let us know.

Keep an eye out for an announcement for when we will be showing the video.

Written by: Andrew O’Neill


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