Burlington, Vermont by Krista Shugart


Recently my friends and I decided that we wanted to go on an adventure for the day. We all got into my friend Kate’s car and headed to Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is about an hour and a half drive, and it is a wonderful place to go! Walking around Burlington is wonderful and there are used book stores, restaurants, tea shops, coffee shops, and stores to shop in. We looked around in the bookstore, and I bought a book on canning/preserving/pickling which I look forward to experiment with over Winter Break! There were street musicians, and we spent time listening to the wonderful music that filled the crisp fall air. After walking around for hours, we walked over to a park and slacklined for a bit. Near us, were people who were climbing a tree, and by this I mean they were climbing really really high in the tree! It was fun leave the small town of Poultney for a day, and visit Burlington, especially with good friends!

Green Mountain College is starting a program where once a month a school van will drive to Burlington and it will cost students $5 round trip to go for the day! Burlington is a great place to visit and I plan on going back a few more times this year.


In Burlington 🙂




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