Indoor soccer

      Three to two times a week, indoor soccer matches are played in the gym in the evenings. Organized by the men’s and women’s soccer teams, fun and friendly indoor games are held. Indoor soccer is a great game that enhances soccer skills and also keeps people in shape. Not to mention it is a great deal amount of fun. The sessions usually last from an hour to two hours. All people are invited.

       If you have any intentions on playing soccer next year or any time in the future then you should definitely come and check this out. A good number of people attend the sessions and everyone always has a good time. If you are just interested in seeing what indoor soccer is all about, then I recommend coming as well. It might sound boring when I describe it in this blog, but once you will bear witness to the sport, you shall see what I am truly talking about.


        I have played indoor throughout my childhood in France. Though it is not as popular here as it is in France, I am certainly glad to see that it is gaining popularity. More and more people are coming to the indoor sessions, and they are telling other people about it. I think that this is great for the school and for the students.

        It allows students to see a different type of sport that is played around the world. I believe that this is what Green Mountain is about. Learning about other cultures, and sports are certainly part of cultures around the world.


      I hope to see many new faces at the indoor sessions. For more information, contact Tyler Lawson–better known as Dutch, he is the main organizer of these sessions. He plays on the men’s soccer team and is a fantastic player.

Matthias Baudinet


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