An Evening to Remember- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

 (Annual Holiday GMC Choir Concert 12/1/12) 









  (Shakti Tribal dance performance 12/1/12)


Green Mountain College is a small school and generally has one or two social/performance events planned for every weekend, however- this past Saturday night contained two very special events scheduled at the same time! As a student in both Choir and Susanne Claxton’s ELA course ‘Body & Being: Tribal Dance’, it was my duty to attend both performances to receive full credit for each class! 

After deciding to take on the challenge, I dressed for the evening with the official Choir robe that is worn for such concerts, and layered my belly-dancing skirt right underneath, in preparation for a quick change. After the show began, every song seemed to last eternally longer than they’d seemed in rehearsal, but by the end of the show it was well worth it to see Jim Cassarino satissfied along with a very happy and smiley crowd. 

Running from the Choir room, just moments after the show, all the way to the Gorge in Withey and heading into the computer lab to do final costume changes- I made the final dance set with just moments to spare! (losing my phone on the run between buildings in the process) A very exciting night, but be warned future GMC students, plan your schedule to allow less stressful credits! Or just suggest better future planning to registration… All’s well that ends well.

-Seraphina Mallon-Breiman


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