Les Choristes

    Movies are a passion of mine. They can inspire, they can make you cry, make you laugh, make you afraid, but most importantly, they can make you happy. Movies that can make you happy are the best kind in my opinion. Rare are these movies, for everything needs to be perfect for a movie fill one’s heart with happiness.

    The French movie,Les Choristes (The Chorus) is one that can do such a thing. A 2004 drama directed by Christophe Barratier, it is a story that involves a failed musician, orphans, misbehaved children, a boarding school, humour, singing, but above all, love.

    Set in 1949 France, a school prefect get assigned to an all boys boarding school in the French countryside 300 kilometers from Paris. There, he transforms the children who have a history of misbehaving into an enchanting band of choir members. He faces obstacles however, which include a pessimistic headmaster, very dangerous kids, and the stubbornness of a young 13 year old with a beautiful voice.

    The movies starts Jean-Baptiste Maunier as one of the main characters in the movie. This movie made developed his singing career, acting career, and modeling career. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves beautiful things and appreciates them!

   I have the movie, so if anyone wishes to see it, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Matthias Baudinet



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