Break Time

As the winter season approaches and students finish taking exams there always seems to be a sense of excitement towards the idea of break.  I have felt it every semester.  There is something unique about the days and moments just before that second to last or perhaps last final exam.  The moment when you realize there is nothing inbetween the test that lays ahead and weeks of break.

As of the last two semesters I have always wondered why students stress so much about their exams.  My guess is they have not studied as hard as they were expected throughout the semester and thus have to push extra hard for their exam.  These past finals I tried hard to not stress about the tests.  I knew what to expect from both the finals I had and I was one of the last students to leave the classroom after taking the test.  I thought to myself, “students should not stress so much if they have studied the material.  Professors are not trying to trick you.” 

Anyway this idea of stressful final exams has just been in my mind in the past weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts.  If you are stress as you are reading this right now, perhaps you will enjoy this video to relieve some of your stress.  The video is actually me arguing with myself over opening my door.  I shared this with friends in the past weeks and they thought it was quite funny.  

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break.

~Andrew O’Neill


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