Home for the Holidays by Krista Shugart

Home for the Holidays

This winter break I went home to New Jersey. It felt so nice to be home and to be with my family. I had a wonderful semester at Green Mountain College and after finals week, I needed to get away and spend time with my family. It is nice to be home with your family that you know so well and have such a comfort with. My family came over for Christmas, and at night when my family left, we got into the car and started driving to Flordia for a week! We drove all the way down to Fort Pierce and Miami and I absolutely fell in love with the sand, warm weather, and blue water. I swam in the ocean with my dad and sister which was a huge personal accomplishment for me, due to an incident in my life that occurred two years ago. We had a great family vacation and from Miami we drove back. My sister joked, “being in a car for 50 hours changes a person.” At school I have made a family with close group of friends and I look forward to being reunited with them.

Keeping in touch with high school friends can be difficult (although social media really helps!) I am so appreciative that I have maintained several of my friendships. It was so great to get together and catch up and find out all the different paths that everyone is on! I also made a trip to South Jersey to visit two of my Green Mountain College soul sisters and it was so great to see them because being apart from them for a long time was difficult!

I applied to an environmental summer program over winter break, and I hope to hear back from them soon! It would be a really awesome opportunity that would go very well with the education that I am receiving at GMC.

I came back to GMC early for RA training, and classes resume on Monday 1/14. I am looking forward to many of my classes this semester and will have several professors that I have never had before! I look forward to learning new things and pondering thoughts as to where I would like to go in the future based on my growth in and out of the classroom.


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