The Ice Rink is Back

Since the disappearance of the ice rink a couple of years ago, students have wondered why the college decided against its reconstruction.  It actually was not that the college did not care to set up the rink, the plastic tarp had ripped from the last year in which it was present on campus.  To solve this issue, Casey McGill, a senior at Green Mountain College, along with the support of several others, took up the project and are the reason for its reappearance for everyone to enjoy.  

The project was proposed to the student senate at Green Mountain College and the senators voted to buy a new plastic sheet given the number of students interested in skating.  Walking around campus, the ice rink can be seen nestled between the long line of trees leading to the Griswold Library. 

If you have the time and interest, I would encourage you to take your skates down to the rink and have some fun!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their semester.

Take care.

~Andrew O’Neill



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