Ice Skating in Rutland

       Today, the Office of Student Life sponsored an ice skating trip to the Spartan Arena in Rutland. All expenses were paid for Student Life, and many students showed to skate and have fun.  The bus left around 12:30pm and we stayed until 2:30pm. There wasn’t that many people there so everyone had to room to have fun. Ranging from beginners to experts, all the GMC students that attended spent a wonderful afternoon.

       Myself, I had not skated in three years. I had though skated in Albany, NY with friends during Thanksgiving break, but it still took me a while to refresh my skating skills. Plus, I have not yet managed to master the art of stopping. There were many small children who were extremely talented, and yes, I was jealous. However, with all my friends there, I still had fun.

       I believe that more trips like this will be organized later on this semester. I know that Asad Sohail, Student Senate President, wanted to organize an ice skating trip to Rutland again some time soon; this time sponsored by the Student Senate. I highly encourage more people to attend. It is a blast!

        We ended our afternoon with a friendly snowball fight outside of the Spartan Arena. It was certainly a great activity to take the academic stress off of students.

        I am really looking forward to another trip to Rutland. This was one of the best afternoons that I have had in a while. If you are interested in attending the next possible trip make contact with Asad and he will provide you with a lot more information. This is a great way to meet new people, spend time with your friends, and simply relax and have fun!

        See you all on the rink some time soon!


   Matthias Baudinet



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