Best Roommates by Asad Sohail!

I am senior and this is my last semester at Green Mountain College. I study Sustainable Business with couple minors in Economics and Communications. I love my major, minors, professors and classes. I played soccer. I loved my coach and teammates. I have been involved with Student Senate and currently I am the Student Body President. In here I am not going to write about any of them. I will write about my roommate.
In these four years I have been living with Andrew O’Neill. We have been roommates for four years and lived on the same floor: Honor Floor. This experience that I am about to share with you only happens at Green Mountain College. It only happens at GMC for many reasons. First, GMC is a small school and everybody from Administration to Admissions, Faculty, Students and Staff care for each other. Second, GMC Admissions is doing great job matching students to become roommates based on their interests, habits, majors, age, class and experiences.
Third, this school is for students and leaders who care for humanity and environment and students who are compassionate and committed to make this world a better place for all. I am certain you are one of those students with this dream so do not waste your time going to big schools with big and fancy buildings. Go where your heart tells you to go. Go to a school where you can make life long friends and where you have the support to become a skilled leader to make this world a better place. 
I thank GMC Admissions for matching Andrew and I to become roommates. I have had great four years with Andrew. We learned from each other. We made life long mutual friends. Andrew is my life long best friend now. I got to know his wonderful family and spent couple breaks with them. This friendship that we built at GMC will continue for the rest of our lives. This will be you if you go to a small liberal art college like GMC.

Photo made by Andrew O’Neill


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