Photo from the Feick- by Seraphina Mallon-Breiman







Visiting the Feick, our on-campus art gallery here at GMC, a piece of work by Ian Creitz caught my attention. His work focused on old dilapidated buildings and rooms and other forms of broken down architecture. The picture that I stared upon longest, was of a large room that was slowly falling apart, the rich green paint rapidly falling off the walls, almost completely gone. Paper bags so wet and trodden over they seemed to almost melt into the floorboards. Every part of this room has become run-down and forgotten and yet there is not a doubt that it was once very beautiful and spacious, and allowed for maximum sunlight to filter through the windows.

Looking outside the window to the left of the room, you see bright green wilderness, life forming all outside of this house, overtaking its manmade structure and slowly turning it into something else. The color green outside almost identical to the paint on the walls, but richer- another way mother nature stands stronger than the room. 

I was completely absorbed by this picture, it felt magical, like something you accidentally find in the woods, like a setting in a Wes Anderson film. I love looking at photography of old things, especially old landscapes. People don’t recognize them as being beautiful as frequently as they do with an orchard or horizon and yet I think there is equally as much beauty in Creitz’ photo as an evening sunset.


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