Letter from Career Services–Voices of Community Seeks Interviewees!

Every GMC students know that Voices of Community will be the second ELA core course that they will definitely take on the spring semester of their freshmen year. In addition to improve writing skill of students, one of the learning objectives of Voices course is to encourage students to explore their relationship with their communities, and examine the meaning of community across different cultures and societies, including our own.

This year, to achieve this goal and have a comprehensive view of our community, Voices students will be assigned a project in which they will conduct interviews with GMC people, including upperclassmen, faculty, staff, alumni, and townspeople. We would like to invite you to become a part of this project as an interviewee if:

1.      You are willing to have one or two Voices students reach out to you.

2.      You feel comfortable being interviewed by one or two students in 15-20 minutes (You will be given a sampling of the questions ahead of time to prepare.)

If you are fine with these matters, you are the person we are looking for. By becoming an interviewee, you can become an important part of this project and have chance to meet new people in GMC Community. Or if you are student, you can even practice being interviewed for a future job.

Please contact our Career Service if you need more information, and want to connect with our community and be a part of this great project! 

We look forward to working with YOU!


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