Mr. and Miss GMC

         Every year for the past couple years, the International Awareness Club on campus (IAC) has held a Mr. and Miss GMC contest/fundraiser. This year the tradition continues, and on the 13th of February, the contest will commence. This contest promotes a great cause, and while, yes, its roots come from modeling contests, it is by no means a beauty contest. It is simply supposed to let people have fun, be creative, and raise money for a good and important cause.   

         The contest will be conducted in three categories. Formal Wear, FreeStyle(creative outfit or special talent), and questions. The questions will not be too hard and will most likely deal with UNICEF or contemporary world issues.

         People were allowed to nominate their friends or anyone whom they taught would be a great model in the contest. Many people turned up to nominate people. As a member of the IAC club, I will be a presenter for the contest. The event will be on Friday February 15th at 7:30 pm in the Gorge. There will be prizes for the winning Mr GMC who is selected by the judges and also a prize for the people’s choice Mr GMC. The people’s choice Mr GMCis dependent on the support of the crowd. There will be jars with pictures and names of all the contestants, the audience will vote for their favorite contestant by donating change. The more money that is in your jar the better your chances are for the people’s choice award. All donations will go toward UNICEF.


        There will also be a special prize for the winners. I highly recommend all to attend the contest. It will be great and fun evening. Judges are often faculty or staff and they also have lots of fun seeing the crazy outfits that the contestants dress in.

         It is important to remember that this is an event for children who are in hunger around the world. We want to inform people about the condition of children around the world while having fun. This is a very popular event on campus so if you are a freshman you should definitely attend. If you are a prospective student, include this event in weighing your decision on which school to attend!



 Matthias Baudinet



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