Recently there has been rumour that an Acapella group was forming on campus. About two weeks ago I heard from my good friend Karina Lorenc, that she and her friend Jasmin Estrada Levenson got together and were planning to create Green Mountain’s first Acapella group. They sat at a table during dining hours for a while trying to get people interested and aware that this was happening. Not surprisingly, many people signed up and registered for auditions.

         Green Mountain did not have an Acapella before this and in my opinion, it is something that is definitely needed. Acapella groups bring entertainment, fun, and talent to campuses. It allows all to enjoy and appreciate the talents of their fellow students. For now the group is still in its early development, but there is a lot of potential for the future.


          Over 30 people initially signed up for auditions and the turnout was fantastic according to Karina Lorenc, co-founder of the group. She did state that everyone who tried out were extremely talented and they both had a very hard time trying to pick their permanent 14 members. I, myself also auditioned, I sang a French-Canadian song called Sous le Vent by Garou and Celine Dion. It took me a while to get started as I was exceedingly nervous about performing even though it was only in front of two people.

          The song that I sang was not too hard to memorize since I have been listening to it since 2002 but it was a bit challenging to sing it my way as the male singer in the song has a very deep voice. 

     Here is the song.

         Nevertheless, I got selected as one of the final 14 members of the group which I am very excited about. I sang in a Catholic choir and a regular recreational choir from age 7 to 12. I guess my talent stuck with me since then ;).

         Right now its we will only be having practices as there are no events or concerts planned yet. Both of the founders have big plans for the group so in the future there will be many events that involve the Acapella group. I recommend all students to start groups on campus that they are passionate about. Everything is possible on this campus, and it is good to get people involved in activities.

          Our first practice is thrusday from 8-9:30pm and if any is interested and has singing experience, I encourage you to come see what it is all about. It is an open practice. Hopefully I will see a lot of people there!


Take care,


Matthias Baudinet





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